The South Asian Bureau of Economic Research (SABER) builds on the success of the East Asian Bureau of Economic Research (EABER) in creating a forum for high-quality economic research focusing on issues facing the economies of South Asia and economic interaction between South and East Asia. It comprises representatives from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Australia. The rapid development of the South Asian economies, the growth of regional and intra-regional trade, financial and other economic interaction, and South Asia's increasing role in the global economy all underline the need for access to a vastly increased range of quality economic analysis on South Asia. SABER, like EABER, is a portal for research on South Asian Economics and houses a collection of research papers from all its member institutes available in the categories at the top of this page. For more information on SABER funding, support and purpose, see About SABER.

EABER-SABER Newsletter

October, 2016
Hu Shuli
There is never a dull moment in China’s property market. In August, surging demand led to scores of people lining up to file divorce applications in Shanghai because separated couples can buy more houses. Then in the first week of October, Chinese cities rolled out new measures to cool the home buying frenzy that has seen prices skyrocket, marking a new round of tightening since policies were eased two years ago.
Hu Shuli is Chief Editor of Caixin Media in Beijing.
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