Title Date published Author
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How Useful Is an Asian Currency Unit (ACU) Index for Surveillance in East Asia? March 2013 Victor Pontines
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Financing Development Cooperation in Northeast Asia February 2013 Masahiro Kawai
Risk-On/Risk-Off, Capital Flows, Leverage, and Safe Assets January 2013 Robert N. McCauley
Enhancing the Effectiveness of CMIM and AMRO: Selected Immediate Challenges and Tasks January 2013 Reza Siregar, Akkharaphol Chabchitrchaidol
International Financial Reforms: Capital Standards, Resolution Regimes and Supervisory Colleges, and their Effect on Emerging Markets January 2013 Duncan Alford
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Financial Globalization in Emerging Countries: Diversification vs. Offshoring October 2012 Francisco Ceballos, Tatiana Didier, Sergio L. Schmukler