Title Date published Author
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Accounting in a Country: The Case of Pakistan January 2005 Junaid Ashraf, Waqar I. Ghani
“Incentives from Exchange Rate Regimes in an Institutional Context" January 2005 Ashima Goyal
Central Bank Credibility and Monetary Policy: Evidence from Small Scale Macroeconomic Model of Indonesia January 2005 Enrico Tanuwidjaja, Choy Keen Meng
China’s Changing Economic Structures and Its Implications for Regional Patterns of Trade Production and Integration January 2005 Tan Kim Song, Khor Hoe Ee
Choice of Monetary and Exchange Regimes in ECOWAS: An Optimum Currency Area Analysis January 2005 Chantal Dupasquier, Patrick N. Osakwe, Shandre M. Thangavelu
Deflationary Expansion: an Overshooting Perspective to the Recent Business Cycle in China January 2005 Gang Gong, Justin Yifu Lin
Future Targets and Multiple Equilibria January 2005 Ashok S. Guha, Brishti Guha
Growing Services in India - An Inter-Sectoral Analysis Based on State-Level Data January 2005 Deepita Chakravarty
India-Central Asia Economic Relations: A Report of RIS/CII Seminar January 2005 RIS
India-East Asia Integration: A Win-Win for Asia January 2005 Mukul G. Asher, Rahul Sen
Minimize Regulations to Regulate - Extending the Lucas Critique January 2005 Sugata Marjit, Amit K. Biswas, Hamid Beladi
Public Debt and the Macroeconomic Stability of Japan January 2005 Keigo Kameda, Masao Nakata
Strategic Relevance of Asian Economic Integration January 2005 Eric Teo Chu Cheow
Sustainable External Debt Levels: Estimates for Selected Asian Countries January 2005 Roberto Mariano, Delano Villanueva
The Business Cycle in the Philippines January 2005 Sandra M. Leitner
The Search for Regional Architecture: The Role of ASEAN as Strange Attractor January 2005 Djisman S. Simanjuntak
Towards a Broader Asian Community: Agenda for the East Asia Summit January 2005 Nagesh Kumar
Trade and Environment in the WTO: Negotiating Options for Developing Countries January 2005 Sanjay Kumar, Nupur Chowdhury