Name Date published Author
Environment Pollution Control: Advantage or Disadvantage for Latecomer’s Economies in East Asia? January 2010
Press Briefing on Challenges Facing Post-flood Crop Sector Policy February 2012
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Proposals for the National Budget 2009-10 February 2012
Proposals for the National Budget 2010-11 February 2012
Trade Related Issues in the Bangladesh-India Joint Communique’: Maximising Bangladesh’s Benefits and Strategies for the Future February 2012
State of the Bangladesh Economy and Budget Responses 2008 February 2012
An Analysis of the national Budget: Allocation for the Ultra Poor February 2012
Analytical Review of Bangladesh’s Macroeconomic Performance in Fiscal Year 2011‐12 February 2012
Bangladesh at 40 Looking Back and Moving Forward February 2012
Bangladesh Economy in Financial Year 2007-8 February 2012
Bangladesh Vision 2021 February 2012
Bangladesh’s Apparel Sector in Post-MFA Period: A Benchmarking Study on the Ongoing Restructuring Process February 2012
Bangladesh’s Graduation from LDC Status: Timeline and Policy Implications February 2012
Boro Procurement and Food Security Strategy: An Actionable Agenda February 2012
Development with Equity and Justice Immediate Tasks for the Newly Elected Government February 2012
CPD Expert Consultation on Floods: Need for Enhanced Concern, Better Coordination and Confidence Building Measures February 2012
Delivering On Budget FY2009-10: A Set of Implementation Issues February 2012
Global Competitiveness Report 2010-2011 and Bangladesh Business Environment Study 2010 February 2012
Impact of Trade Liberalisation On Employment In Bangladesh February 2012