Bangladesh’s Graduation from LDC Status: Timeline and Policy Implications

Debapriya Bhattacharya
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Bangladesh g joined the LDC category in 1975 along with Central African Republic and Gambia. Starting with 25 countries, the current LDC list comprises of 49 countries: 33
in Africa, 13 in Asia Pacific & 1 in Latin America. Three eligible countries declined to be an LDC: Ghana, Papua New Guinea and Zimbabwe. Since inception of the categorization only two countries graduated out: Botswana (1994) & Cape Verde (2007). Countries in the pipeline for graduation are Samoa ( 2010), Maldives ( 2011) and Equatorial Guinea (2012). Bangladesh has remained an LDC for more than three decades, although has shown relatively better development in the recent times.
– Discussion on Bangladesh becoming a middle income country in the near future is gathering momentum
– CPD’s Vision Document 2021 (by Nagorik Committee 2006)
– AL Manifesto (Vision 2021)
– International Organizations
– New political impetus after the recent national elections