Name Date published Author
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Managing International Labor Migration in ASEAN: Themes from a Six-Country Study May 2013
The Structure of Agricultural Trade Industry in Developing Countries May 2013
The 2030 Architecture of Association of Southeast Asian Nations Free Trade Agreements April 2013
Lessons from the European Spaghetti Bowl April 2013
International Price Dispersion and Market Segmentation in Japan and the United States: Theory and Empirics April 2013
Association of Southeast Asian Nations, People’s Republic of China, and India Growth and the Rest of the World: The Role of Trade April 2013
Fulfilling the Promises of South Asian Integration: A Gravity Estimation April 2013
Asymmetry in Government Bond Returns March 2013
How Useful Is an Asian Currency Unit (ACU) Index for Surveillance in East Asia? March 2013
Emerging Geopolitical Trends and Security in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the People’s Republic of China, and India (ACI) Region March 2013
Inadequate Regional Financial Safety Nets Reflect Complacency March 2013
Understanding Innovation in Production Networks in East Asia March 2013
Impact of the ASEAN Economic Community on ASEAN Production Networks February 2013
Financing Development Cooperation in Northeast Asia February 2013
Production Networks, Profits, and Innovative Activity: Evidence from Malaysia and Thailand February 2013
Risk-On/Risk-Off, Capital Flows, Leverage, and Safe Assets January 2013
Navigating a Changing World Economy: ASEAN, the People’s Republic of China, and India January 2013
Enhancing the Effectiveness of CMIM and AMRO: Selected Immediate Challenges and Tasks January 2013
International Financial Reforms: Capital Standards, Resolution Regimes and Supervisory Colleges, and their Effect on Emerging Markets January 2013